Water and Flood Remediation

Water and Flood

Water damage causes the majority of all insurance claims. There are many ways how water can become an unwanted intruder; broken pipes, malfunction of an appliance, a storm, melted snow, sewage backup and water dousing a fire, are just a few. Water can spread quickly as carpets are stained, wood damaged and you can be sure, furniture and appliances will not escape either.
Our goal is to respond to emergencies in a timely manner and to eliminate large amounts of damage.
Our IICRC specialists will handle all necessary steps: set up of equipment, extract majority of stand water, start the drying process, open/cut walls or remove flooring for faster drying and prevent secondary damage or mold growth.

Generally, how it works: We will be your support through the whole process of water and flood restoration and to guide you in the communication with insurance companies explaining the necessary protocols to follow. Proper drying can take up to several days, therefore we do appreciate your cooperation. We are here to help you. Once the initial emergency is done, our experienced PM will
prepare an estimate and will communicate with the insurance company/adjuster to restore your property back to the same condition it was prior, or even better. Your satisfaction is our goal and number one priority.