Hazardous Materials


If there is one thing you do not want festering in your home, it is definitely asbestos or mold. As everyone understands, there are hazards that go along with a fire or flood emergency. Depending on the location and season/climate, fungi microorganisms can be found almost anywhere. 
Do not underestimate the danger of mold in your dwelling place. It can be in wood, drywall, ceiling tiles, cardboard, carpets or wallpaper. Mold can contribute to very serious health problems.
Have you noticed mold in your home? 

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Asbestos is a fibrous material silicate. It was used until 1990 and can be found in several construction materials, however mostly: Drywall Joint Compound, Vinyl Flooring, Boiler or Pipe Insulation, Vermiculite Insulation, Ceiling Tiles or Texture and many more.
Be aware – exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to asbestosis, an inflammatory disease in the lungs or even lung cancer. We do the testing, sampling and abatement for you. Working with WSCC very closely ensures that proper procedures are met and all the guidelines dictated by legislation are followed very strictly.

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